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Our web school online seminars will feature many topics that we feel enhance your workflow or artistic vision. We don't plan to announce the seminars way in advance (mainly up to 2 weeks before the event).

We also plan to run the same seminars more often and at different times to allow people all over the globe to join in. Lets us know what you would like to learn.























Texture Blending

"....I began using Uwe’s script and was having a great time. Now that I knew about Uwe, I started going to his website. There I discovered Uwe’s webinar class on Texture Blending. Watching Uwe demonstrate his texture blending scripts and his texture blending ideas was extremely helpful in my experimentation with texture blending. Uwe shared his knowledge and his enthusiasm during the webinar class. I feel that my creativity has been enhanced after watching the texture blending webinar and trying out various photo and texture combinations. I am having great fun and look forward to other webinar classes presented by Uwe.."

Wendy, 2010

"I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your workshop last Sat. on HDR. I have always thought that your HDR images had a look that was very unique and pleasing. It was nice to get to see the nuts and bolts of how they were created." Sandra 2010





























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